Alexandre Cuva

Monday, March 29, 2010

Scrum Master vs Iteration Manager

Today I was at Swiss XP Days 2010,  quite intersting as always. I follow an interesting session about Iteration Manager from Petra Skapa.
I read from different blogs the same question, is the Scrum Master and the Iteration Manager are the same?  I would say no and yes at the time. On Scrum Methodology we have a role for this and it is call Scrum Master. But on other Agile Methodology like XP Programming we don't have a specific role. Most of the time the role of Scrum Master is taken from a team leader or someone who embrace the Agile methodology and would like to share his willing with the others.This one is the person. Ok the Iteration Manager could be the project manager but I would not recommend it, I would prefer someone near the developer team and not someone near the management.

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